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Fisher County voters approve alcohol sales

ROBY, Texas - Fisher County is no longer alcohol dry – if Tuesday's complete but unofficial election results hold true.

With 56 percent voting in favor, voters approved a proposition to legalize the sale of all alcoholic beverages, including mixed drinks, across Fisher County, election results show.

According to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, the last alcohol-related vote in Fisher County was in 1966 and failed. In 1966, Fisher County was one of 114 Texas counties that were completely dry.

Before Tuesday, only 13 Texas counties remained dry.

Cecille Terry, who lives in Roby and works at her family-owned T&K Ag Center, sought out 520 petition signatures to get the alcohol proposition on the November 5 ballot. She only needed 476 to file it with the county clerk.

Terry recently said her motivation for the petition was to garner more revenue for the county and make things more convenient for all residents.

"We've seen all the revenue leaving the county and this county could really use it—not only for alcohol – for groceries and stuff," Terry told KTXS. "You're making one trip to Sweetwater to get it all – might as well do it all here and we could really use it here."

Sweetwater is in Nolan County, which is wet. According to the TABC, three counties bordering Fisher County are completely wet, three are partially wet and only one – Kent – is dry.

Even before Tuesday's vote, Roby City Council members had already begun working on a standard ordinance to ensure alcohol cannot be sold within 300 feet of churches and schools.

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