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Friends remember former Wylie baseball player Spencer LaBrie

ABILENE, TX - Spencer LaBrie, who was killed in a car accident early Saturday, was a well-known Wylie baseball and basketball player.

The 19-year-old LaBrie was only nine-years-old when he started playing and his little league coach Ed Harris vividly remembers his early beginnings.

"He had a great tryout and caught everything that was hit to him,"  Harris said. "He hit everything that was thrown to him. He had a great arm and ran fast."

These are some of the memories Harris has of Spencer, and after a fatal car accident on Saturday, pictures is what he has left to remember. One memory stands out. 

"At the first practice, I asked Spencer what position did you play last year in baseball," Harris said. "He said, 'I didn't play baseball last year.'"

"Spencer and Colin, my son, and Lance Lindley were three guys that played baseball together from the time they were nine all the way through high school,"  Harris said.

Coach Harris said, "Mitch and I were a little bit shocked and concerned about using a second-round draft pick for this novice ball player, but he turned out to be one of the best players we had that year."

The gamble they took on Spencer worked out in their favor.

"He became our leadoff hitter," Harris said. "He played third base, he pitched and we came in second in the district tournament that year."

Harris added, "Spencer is there in those pictures and a remembrance of what a great player he was on the team and how competitive he always was."

Harris's son, Colin, remembered his roommate as a great teammate and friend.

"We enjoyed playing ball together and being around each other and he was a joy to be around because he always wanted to do good," said Colin. "He always wanted to make the team better."

"He was always so genuine around each other, around other people. He cared about them. He lived life and tried to be as good as he can," Colin said.

He left a lasting impression on those who knew him.
"If you want to do something, you can do it," Harris said. "If you set your mind to it. That was the kind of person he was."

Spencer was on an ROTC scholarship at Texas Tech. He planed to be an Air Force pilot.

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