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Hawley ISD tries to pass school bond after failure last year

Hawley ISD hoping school bond passes

HAWLEY, Texas - Hawley school district officials are working to pass a $10.5 million school bond after a similar bond failed one year ago.

The bond would be used to build a new gymnasium and create an addition to the elementary school.

The Hawley High School gymnasium was built almost 40 years ago.

Hawley ISD Superintendent Mike Sibberson said the facility has one major flaw – no air conditioning.

"At some point during the last season I had taken some temperature readings in our gym," Sibberson said. "The temperature was well over 100 degrees well the girls were trying to play volleyball in there. It made it very difficult for them to concentrate on the game."

"It's terrible going in there right now. It's hot and I wouldn't play basketball in there right now," said Hank Stokes, a junior at Hawley High School.  

A proposed school bond would rebuild the gym and make it larger and cooler.

"It would really benefit all the students in the community having a gym that has air conditioning," Hawley High School student Kason Florence said. "The gym's always getting really packed by the size of it. Having a full size gym would really help out."

The bond will also build an addition to the elementary school.  

"What it'll do is allow us to put all of the elementary school children under one roof, especially for the core classes," Sibberson said. "So security-wise it keeps them from having to go in and out of doors."

Last year a two proposition school bond in Hawley failed in the election. The first proposition would have cost $6.3 million. That would have been used to build a new gym, tennis courts and additional parking. It failed by about 40 votes.

The second proposition was for a new football field and additional parking and would have cost $1.2 million. It failed by about 60 votes.

What's different this time?

"The previous bond that was proposed didn't have as much of a community involvement," Sibberson said.

Voters can cast ballots on the school bond at the Hawley ISD administration building during early voting starting April 28.

Election Day is May 10.

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