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High nitrate levels in Aspermont water blamed on rain

Work underway to purge nitrates from Aspermont water supply

ASPERMONT, Texas - Last week, water tests showed nitrate levels in the city of Aspermont's water was above the allowable EPA standards, prompting the city to issue a water warning.

Since the tests, the city has been providing bottled water -- along with vouchers for bottled water -- to those who are most affected by the nitrate concentrations.  Those include the elderly with immune deficiencies, women who are pregnant or nursing, and infants under six months of age.

Aspermont officials are working with chemist to get the nitrate levels in the water back down to healthy standards. City Administrator for Aspermont, Sonny Campbell, explains that this involves mixing water from Miller's Creek into the contaminated wells to bring nitrate levels back down.

Boiling the water is not effective in removing the nitrates and at-risk residents should wait on the warning to be lifted before resuming the use of tap water.

For those at risk who get their water from the City of Aspermont, vouchers for the bottled water can be picked up at City Hall, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.


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