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Hodges Baptist Church holds Sunday service despite truck plowing through sanctuary

Hodges church service

HAWLEY, Texas - Sunday morning church service at Hodges Baptist Church didn't miss a beat despite having to shift locations.

On Monday evening an oil field truck drove through the side of the building where the sanctuary sits, just missing a propane tank. The incident damaged the church choir pews. The piano was destroyed, as well as the middle school classroom. The baptism pool was also ruined.

That didn't stop the congregation from coming out in full force for worship Sunday. Hodges Pastor Matt Cheevers held church service in the fellowship hall. The chairs the members sat on were donated by "Clear Fork Baptist Church."

"We're going to have worship services as we always do," Pastor Cheevers said. "It's just that we're going over to another building."

Pastor Cheevers said he's thankful to have a place to hold church. "24 hours earlier. 24 hours our choir would have been killed," Cheevers said.

Sunday morning, the whole choir was there singing in unity. Choir member Sharon Bradshaw said there was never a question about continuing to hold service.

"It was a little bit different, because of the acoustics here, but it's wonderful to have a building that we can do that in," Bradshaw said.

Pastor Cheevers joined the kids in the middle of the fellowship hall and addressed the accident, but that didn't stop the flow of the service. "It felt a little different cause we're always usually in there," 10-year-old Bo Thompson said.

"We're here to worship God, and we can worship him if we have to stay outside, it doesn't matter," Pastor Cheevers said. "We're going to worship our Lord today."

One church member was very vocal about the reasoning to have church as usual despite the accident.

"The devil can't run anybody away," Douglas Britton said.

Pastor Cheevers said the congregation is not asking for money, but they are welcoming prayers.  

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