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Hodges Baptist Church will have service as usual despite Monday's accident

HODGES, Texas - Members of the Hodges Baptist Church are getting ready for Sunday service after an accident left part of the church sanctuary in shambles. An oil service truck crashed into the building Monday evening damaging part of it.

"This could've happened any day of the week. It happened on a Monday when no one was here... And the tragedy we just couldn't imagine what it would've been," said Hodges Baptist Church Pastor Matt Cheevers.

Cheevers said they haven't gotten a damage estimate yet, but they do have insurance.

The church will have service as usual this weekend.

"We're ready, we're ready and we will find out if were not," Cheevers said.

Sunday's service will be in a different room, but the message will stay the same.

"Our building maybe damaged but the church itself is quite solid this is a very unique place," said Cheevers.

Pastor Cheevers expects rebuilding to take more than a year. He said the Hodges Baptist Church stood strong on FM 605 for more than 100 years.

"If they say the building is completely gone and then we will come up with a much different building, but because it's a landmark we will do our best to keep it as close to this as we can," said Cheevers.

Pastor Cheevers said they have had a lot of people call and offer to help. Clear Fork Baptist Church is providing the chairs for this Sunday. Cheevers said at this point they don't need any help financially, he is only asking for prayers.

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