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'Hope for Hailey' continues with mixed emotions in wake of remains being found

"Hope for Hailey" group seeking closure

COLORADO CITY, Texas - For more than two years the Colorado City community has been rocked by the late 2010 disappearance of Hailey Dunn.

Since skeletal remains were found at Lake JB Thomas Saturday, emotions have been mixed as to whether it could be the teen who has been missing for more than two years. She disappeared Dec. 27, 2010.

People who spoke Monday in Colorado City were hopeful but hesitant. They said they've been down this road before, where they received word of a body found and hoped it would be Hailey, but it turned out void.

Even "Hope for Hailey" volunteers have called off heavy searching as most of their clues, they said, have dried up. The group has been praying and looking her since her disappearance.

Monday, they had renewed hope, but also a familiar fear.

"We just all have the gut feeling with what we learned this weekend that its getting very close to finding Hailey, that she will be brought home very soon," said Kristy Turner, Hope for Hailey search coordinator.

Clarissa Franco, Bigg's Pizza associate, said, "I have twin little sisters and it kind of makes me want to know if it is her or not because that way I can be more protective of them. It just leaves you not knowing how to feel."

"I hope it's not another endless trail, but we'll wait and see and listen to the facts as they're presented," said Tony Turner, Colorado City resident.

"For the family, you know I wish that she is alive somewhere, but you know everybody needs closure, and not that I'm hoping it's her. I'm sure that everyone hopes she is still alive," said Maria Rubio, Bigg's Pizza owner.

The gender of the body is still unknown.

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