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Hundreds of 'World Changers' visit Eastland County to help fix-up homes

'World Changers' improving lives in Eastland county

CISCO, Texas - This year about 16,000 students paid to visit sites around the country to help fix up people's homes as part of the world changers project. Almost 250 of them are in the Eastland area this week.

There were about 20 volunteers in Cisco on Tuesday taking on all different tasks to help homeowners there.

"The best part is probably seeing the homeowners face when we're done, just knowing that we made a difference in their life," said Caleb Mattson who is volunteering with World Changers this year. 

"I think it's a really great thing. It benefits me what they can do in four days would take me four years to accomplish," said Stacey Matthews, who owns one of the homes being worked on.

Kara Marchant said being a "World Changer" is more than an assignment, it's a calling.

"I just woke up and I was just crying, just knew I had to come, I didn't know why, didn't know what really I was doing, no clue who was going really and so I just came and I am here serving the Lord," said Marchant.

Most of the students signed up for the trip through their church. They are all staying at First Baptist Church of Eastland this week while they work in the area.

Volunteers said the weather held them back a little Tuesday, but it definitely didn't stop them.

"If it pours and storms we sit in the vans and wait till it's over and come work," said Marchant.

"It's been a lot cooler so I'm not complaining about the rain," said Mattson. 

Church groups participating in Eastland County come from Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. There are 18 crews at 17 work sites in Cisco, Eastland, Ranger and Carbon. Students pay about $250 to take part.

"I would like to say thanks and I appreciate it. They've been working through rain and heat and dogs and I know that it's not easy work and I appreciate all that they do," said Matthews.

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