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'I think he did it,' says Rising Star murder suspect's brother

'He did it,' says murder suspect's brother

The brother of Mike Lowery says the Rising Star man now accused of murder has had anger issues for years.

Dave Lowery said it wasn't until his brother was deployed to Iraq with the U.S. Army and started taking steroids that his anger seemed to escalate.

"He was always short-tempered, but he could also be a good guy. He could have his nice moments. He could be thoughtful and considerate. When he came back from Iraq he was much darker, he was very angry. I mean even the least little thing would just set him off," Dave Lowery said.. 

Dave said his brother failed a drug test and was discharged from the Army. Soon after, he met his second wife Amber, who he is accused of murdering.

In 2011, Mike Lowery was arrested in Missouri for domestic violence against Amber after breaking her nose, but she stayed with him – for the sake of her son Dalton.

Amber told Mike's brother she was afraid for her life.

"She also made one statement to me that I'm sure will haunt me the rest of my life. She told me that Michael had threatened to make her disappear and had also threatened to take Dalton and run. And she said, and I quote, ‘Dave if I ever disappear without Dalton you'll know I didn't go willingly," Dave Lowery said. 

When Dave learned from his mother that Amber had disappeared he recalled that warning. 

"First words out of my mouth were, ‘Hey mom, where are the boys?' She goes, ‘What do you mean?' I said, ‘Where are the boys? Does Michael have them or did Amber take them?' She said, ‘Well Michael has them honey.' And my exact words were, ‘Dear God mom what has Mike done with Amber?.'"

Dave Lowery said he believes Mike killed Amber. Wednesday, authorities found human remains near the couple's home. Dave said he was told those remains were female.

"We all cried last night. It just confirmed what we were all afraid of. You know, it was, my gosh Mike actually did it… No person deserves what I'm afraid my sister-in-law got," Dave Lowery said. 

There has been no identification yet on those remains. Forensic tests are being done now to see if the remains are those of Amber Lowery.


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