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In light of Hailey Dunn's disappearance, Colorado City students undergo self defense training

Colorado City school training teen girls to protect themselves


In light of Hailey Dunn's disappearance in December 2010, female students in Colorado City underwent aggressive, interactive self defense training Thursday and Friday.

Hailey was reported missing during her eighth grade year at Colorado Middle School. Her body was identified in late April as the remains that were found near Lake JB Thomas in Scurry County March 16. Colorado ISD administrators implemented the Rape Aggression Defense training program in 2012 and were motivated partly by Hailey's disappearance.

Thursday and Friday, eighth grade and senior girls were put through the RAD program with Midland College police officers in the middle school gym.

"We send our eighth graders on to high school and we also send our seniors on out into the world  and so we try to prepare them as much as we can to just be aware of where they are and who is around them," Colorado Middle School Counselor Emily Strain said.

Students were not allowed to view the interactive portion until their turn. The students described the experience as "scary" but said they realized the training could save their lives one day.

Though it is not clear what exactly happened to Hailey Dunn, administrators said students must always be prepared to protect themselves.

"We like to believe that it doesn't happen but when you really sit back and think about what has happened in our own community with Hailey and different things that happen every day, it just opens your eyes to know that it could happen to any of us and it could happen to any of these students," Strain said. "To just have that one little step above to prepare them just makes us feel just a little bit like we're giving them something."

Approximately 30 students underwent training in Colorado City. The RAD program began in 1989 and students in Loraine and Westbrook will soon undergo training.

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