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Jim Ned CISD board says 'No' to annexation

Jim Ned trustees say "no" to annexation petition

TUSCOLA, Texas - After months of arguing, the Jim Ned CISD board voted Thursday to not approve a petition to detach and annex more than 50 percent of the land in Novice ISD to the Jim Ned school district.

The Jim Ned board returned from a two-hour long closed session with two different proposals -- to either accept or reject the petition. Ultimately the board voted 4-2 to reject the petition and let the land in question be consolidated with Coleman ISD. 

On election day, Coleman ISD and Novice ISD residents voted to approve the school district's consolidation with Coleman. But Novice ISD's Board of Trustees had already voted unanimously to detach part of their land and annex it to Jim Ned. That left the ball in Jim Ned's court, and finally, Thursday night, the people of Novice got their answer.

"The agreement was entered into between Novice and Coleman and Jim Ned truly was not a part of the original business agreement for consolidation. So we're pleased that our neighboring communities realized how important that relationship is," said Joan Ethridge, a Novice resident.

The school board was quick to point out that they did not ask to be put in this situation. All involved -whether they got their way or not- seemed happy for some resolution.

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