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Jim Ned High School principal/ teacher wins Teacher Tribute award

Teacher Tribute: David Hogan a Jim Ned gem

TUSCOLA, Texas - David Hogan, a physics teacher and the principal of Jim Ned High School, is this week's Teacher Tribute award winner.

Hogan, who became principal this school year and has been teaching for seven years, said the award came as a complete surprise and that teaching is his calling.

"I just have a pretty strong conviction that we're gifted to do certain things and I think I was gifted to teach," Hogan said.

Justice Sasin, a senior in his physics class, nominated him. She said she enjoys how Hogan uses demonstrations to teach physics.

"He's had a great impact on my grades," Sasin said. "He really cares about everyone in the classroom, he doesn't play favorites and he makes sure we all know what we're doing before he moves on."

Hogan said he thinks just as highly of Sasin. 

"She's a hard worker, she tends to business and she works at it until she understands it," Hogan said.

Hogan said he and other teachers work hard to make sure they teach their students skills that will be useful inside and outside of a classroom setting.

"Hopefully the way we treat them is earning their respect because we want them to leave here doing a little bit of physics, but want them to leave here being good citizens and knowing how to treat other people and that's our main goal," Hogan said.

Though Sasin does not yet know what she wants to study when she gets to Texas Tech University in August, she said Hogan has given her some solid advice to take with her.

"He has told us not to be a sheep, don't follow, be your own person, make your own decisions. Don't do anything just because someone else is doing it," Sasin said.

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