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Lake Trammell near Sweetwater a dry lake bed

Lake Trammel dried up

SWEETWATER, Texas - Lake Trammell, which is located about 10 miles south of Sweetwater, has dried up, leaving residents wondering about its future.

According to Sweetwater Mayor Greg Wortham, the lake hasn't been used a major water source since the 1970s.

Its current use is for recreational fishing.

Sweetwater mayor and residents believe the lake has dried up due to the recent drought.

According to Wortham, because Oak Creek Lake is the city's major water source, the city commission decided -- for now -- not to continue to pump water into Lake Trammell.

As far as the future of Lake Trammell is concerned, the mayor said it is not among the city's highest priorities. Lake Sweetwater and Oak Creek Lake offer more use, Wortham said.

As soon as the area receives enough rain, though, Wortham said the plan is to pump water from Oak Creek Lake back into Lake Trammell.

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