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Lawmaker: Increasing vehicle registration fees possible way to fund critical road repairs

BIG COUNTRY, Texas - State Rep. Drew Darby, who represents part of the Big Country, says increasing vehicle registration fees is a way for the state to provide much-needed money for its road.

"Our vehicle registration fee has not been changed since 1985. We're the 44th lowest registration fees of any state in the union," Darby said.

For the last 27 years, Darby said, the state's funding stream for new road construction has been at a standstill.

"All those trailers that carry food and food products, they're registered not in Texas, but in Oklahoma. We need to figure out how to get them registered in Texas," Darby said.

During the last 12 years, Darby said, about 5 million people have moved to Texas, bringing with them millions of cars. The problem: Texas has only added a small amount of lane capacity.

"We kind of divert attention away from what's important, and that's we need more money for our roads," Darby said.

Currently, Texas has about $17 billion in transportation improvement bonds.

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