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Leak prompts Eastland to urge water users to curtail usage

EASTLAND, Texas - Because of a leak, the city of Eastland is encouraging water users to curtail outside watering and unnecessary watering "until further notice to prevent the city from running out of water."

The main line supplying Eastland with water from the Eastland County Water Supply District is leaking.

"The district is working on repairs at this time," the city said in a news release. "As soon as repairs are completed and service restored, the city of Eastland will advise everyone."

According to the city, Eastland's storage tank is only half full.

The request to curtail usage applies to all Eastland customers including Carbon, Olden, Staff and Westbound water supply corporations.

For more information on this or any other city of Eastland issue please contact Eastland City Hall, 113 E. Commerce, at (254) 629-8321.


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