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Lower temperatures mean lower MPGs for your car

Cold, windy weather hurts your gas mileage

ABILENE, Texas - Cooler temperatures and gusty winds both contribute to a decrease in your car's fuel economy.

One main reason is the make-up of the gasoline you use.

Winter blends of gas often have less energy than their summer counterparts, and that means they're slightly less efficient.

Another reason, cold air is more dense and can lead to higher wind resistance on your vehicle. That wind resistance will make your engine work harder.

Driving into strong winds also puts a drain on your MPG.

"Anything that creates wind resistance on the vehicle is going to affect your fuel economy" says Trennon Cauthen, Parts & Services Director with Arrow Ford.

Regardless of the shape of a vehicle, strong winds, like the ones that swept through the Big Country Monday, will decrease your MPGs by several miles.

Some good news, on exceptionally windy days, you can add those miles back by keeping the wind at your back while you drive.

You can also help combat the loss of MPG by keeping up with vehicle maintenance, reducing idle time, and making sure your tires are properly inflated.

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