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Meals on Wheels in need of donations for client's pets

Meals on Wheels needs pet food donation

ABILENE, Texas - Though Meals on Wheels serves hot meals to the elderly, disabled and other people in need, they are in desperate need of pet food donations.

"We serve over 1,000 meals a day and it takes a lot of volunteers and its a great feeling to help people in our community," Volunteer Larry Howe said.

The people he serves often have more than just their own mouths to feed.

"Recently we had found out that our clients were sharing their meals with their pets and that was keeping them from having a meal for hem to eat. So we decided to start the pet food program and help them out with dog and cat food," Assistant Volunteer Coordinator Sandy Cruz said.

Though the organization does not want any people or pets to go hungry, it is difficult for them to make sure the pets are fed.

As of Monday, only two bags of dog food had been donated--which is not enough to fill the great need.

"Generally how we do it is on the cat food we give them two three-and-a-half pound bags every two weeks. On the dog food, they do get bigger bags--anywhere from 13 to 20 pound bags of dog food, one per month," Cruz said.

Meals on Wheels cannot buy more pet food unless money is specifically donated for that purpose. But people can always drop by the office to donate money or pet food they have already purchased.

To donate to or volunteer with Meals on Wheels, you can visit their website

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