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'Mythbusters' star visits Snyder Elementary School

2nd grade team wins national science competition

Mythbuster winners honored in Snyder

SNYDER, Texas - A group of 9 second grade students were rewarded with a guest speaker Friday morning.

Kari Byron, from the show 'Mythbusters' visited the school to talk to students about winning the 'We Can Save the World Challenge'

Byron said, "I think it's important for students to get involved in programs about science because it's something that needs to be more of a lifestyle, than just a subject in school, and they need to know it's not just memorizing things..."

Participating teams were challenged to create sustainable, reproducible environmental improvements in their communities.

The Snyder team called the "Earth Agents" won by teaching the importance of water conservation, which has been a problem in Snyder because of the drought.

The students educated their school and community with presentations.

Carolyn Torres, the teacher of the group said, "I am very proud because they have worked really hard on this challenge, they've done a lot of research and they've educated so many people about water conservation."

The team was awarded with a $5,000 grant, a new greenhouse, and rain barrels to conserve and circulate water.

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