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National Weather Service confirms tornado hit Rotan

EF 0 tornado confirmed in Rotan

ROTAN, Texas - Thursday's severe weather produced an EF 0 tornado in Rotan.

Surveyors for the National Weather Service were in the town looking at the damage.

"These are open fields out here and so it's very difficult to find where the path of the damage or the tornado might have occurred. They're very hit and miss," said Dr. Steve Lyons with the National Weather Service.

The agency concluded the tornado hit the eastern part of town. Winds reached speeds of 80 mph.

An EF 0 tornado is classified by winds between 65 and 85 mph.

The National Weather Service said the damage the rest of the town is dealing with was caused by straight line winds.

"The straight line winds can be very damaging, but they're just winds that are coming from one direction, usually a broader area, and are not directly related to a tornado itself. Most of the time we see wind damage, people think they were hit by a tornado", said Dr. Lyons.

No injuries were reported from the tornado.

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