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New COPSync System making schools safer in Sweetwater

New software system makes schools safer in Sweetwater

SWEETWATER, Texas - It could be a potential game changer for schools in Sweetwater. Sweetwater is the first city, not only in the state but also in the country, to implement a system called COPSync in schools.

The technology is expected to add more campus security. With a click of a button, COPSync allows teachers to communicate with the police, and each other, faster. It sends immediate notifications to police officers, which allows them to get to the scene of the crime more efficiently. As many as 300 law enforcement agencies share information using COPSync.

Click on the link for details as to how the system works:

Sweetwater ISD superintendent said COPSync is already set up on some of the teachers' computers. He also said they've done, and will continue to do test runs, but the goal is to get all of the teachers trained and ready to go by this fall.  for details on how the system works.

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