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New drone video/photos show Lake Cisco Dam, washed-out Highway 6

Video: Amazing drone footage of washed-out Hwy 6 at Lake Cisco

CISCO, Texas - We have new drone video courtesy of TxDOT showing Highway 6 and the dam at Lake Cisco.  

All that water you see in the video is why people in Cisco are still without running water.  


Flooding heavily damaged the water treatment plant there earlier this week.

City employees are working hard this weekend to restore that water supply. 

They said they hope to make a temporary tie-in with Westbound Water by Sunday.

That would provide about 200,000 gallons of water a day.

They're also working on a temporary membrane filtration plant.

That would provide about a million gallons of water a day.

They hope to have that up and running by Monday evening.

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