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New Mitchell County jail ready for inmates

COLORADO CITY, Texas - It's been two years since Mitchell County passed a bond election to build a new jail and the facility is finally complete.     

The new facility is right across the street from the old sheriff's office. Mitchell County Sheriff Patrick Toombs said it's about five times larger.

"It's been a long, hard process, some headaches along the way, but I mean it was worth it," said Toombs. 

Toombs said the new jail could house about 70 inmates. The old jail could only fit about 16 so Mitchell county has been paying neighboring counties to house their inmates in their jails. 

"We'll bring all the inmates in that we've got scattered out all the way from Abilene to Post to Snyder and we'll bring them all back in here," said Toombs. 

The new facility is fully equipped with new technology and safety features.

"Not only to keep the inmates safe, but also for the safety and protection of the jailers that are working there and also the officers that are bringing inmates in," Toombs said. 

The new digs won't only house inmates; it will also include offices for some county officials.

"We were able to get in the drivers license office, DPS troopers, our game warden, and the district attorneys office in here as well as with our deputies. Basically we're moving from different buildings into one," said Toombs.

There will be an open house at the Law Enforcement Center Friday, June 21. The new jail will be open for inmates at the end of this month.

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