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Nolan County voters approve new jail, sheriff's office improvements, renovations to courthouse

NOLAN COUNTY, Texas - On Tuesday, three propositions passed in Nolan County, including ones to build a new jail, improve the sheriff's office and renovate the courthouse.

For Proposition No. 1, the courthouse: 2,825 for, 1,242 against.

For Proposition No. 2, the jail: 2,236 for, 1,839 against.

For Proposition No. 3, the sheriff's office: 2,043 for, 1,999 against.

In total, around $15.6 million on the projects. Some Nolan County residents were opposed to building a new jail because it was located across the street from the WASP Museum.

Nolan County Sheriff David Warren said he's happy to see the voter turn out in favor of the jail because it is needed.

"We're very happy," Warren said. "We're pleased that everybody took part in this process and that the vote turned out the way it did. We look forward to having some new facilities that have been needed for a long time."

"To be perfectly honest with you, I was surprised the way it turned out," said Tom Henderson with the WASP Museum. "I'd really thought it would be more in the other direction, but I accept the will of the people."

"I hope they'll be understanding of the propositions that passed and we certainly want to provide them information about what is going to be built," Warren said.

The Nolan County Courthouse will also see repairs. Voters approved spending no more than $4 million to make improvements and renovations.

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