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Pump jack in Cisco sparks fire and small chemical explosion

Cisco pumpjack fire

CISCO, TX - One elderly woman was evacuated from her home along with one business after a fire started by a pump jack in Cisco, according to the Cisco Fire Department.

On Saturday, the fire started behind Cisco Pump near highway 206. Police had to divert traffic due to the threat of a chemical explosion. 

Firefighters began fighting the fire around 1 p.m., and hours later it was still burning. High winds quickly kicked the gas fire into high gear. Although no structure was damaged, acres of land were burned black.

Cisco Firefighters said chemical smoke was a major challenge.

"There were some slight inhalation problems," said Cisco Firefighter Darrell Keith. "We went in and checked it out. The barrels are completely out now. We did have some small explosions that turned out to be just some oil field separators and stuff that just had some residue in them. nothing major.    

Brush trucks scoured the grass field, spraying the remaining flames, to prevent further spread and explosions.     

"We went in to verify that everything is safe," said Keith. "That it's not leaking out of the containers anymore and they are not in danger of being on fire anymore."

"I did have one report of an elderly woman that had to be evacuated but other than that i think everybody was safe," said Keith.

The Eastland, Carbon and Moran fire departments all assisted to help put out the fire.

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