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Shackleford County Law Enforcement Center open for business

Shackelford County unveils new jail

SHACKLEFORD COUNTY, Texas - People were invited to the Shackleford County Law Enforcement Center Friday to see what the $5.8 million bond passed in 2010 paid for.   

Shackleford County Sheriff Edward Miller said the new Law Enforcement Center has space for a variety of offices.

"That houses office space for the sheriff, constable, DPS and game warden and a 24 bed jail facility," said Miller.

Miller said the new Law Enforcement Center was necessary because space in the old jail was very limited.

"At the old place we had a maximum capacity of 10. We only had six usable beds in the old facility. It was a multi-story facility in a 100 year old building. Here, it's a 24 bed state of the art facility. We have holding facilities for 20 offenders or 20 arrestees before they're ever processed in the actual housing area," said Miller. 

In the past, the lack of beds in the jail meant they had to contract their overflow prisoners with Taylor County, Young County and Jack County.

"Sometimes we have to go as far as Jacksboro with offenders we have arrested and that takes an officer off the street for transports, so someone calls 9-1-1, there's no one to respond," said Miller. 

Miller said the upgrade will not only mean they can take more emergency calls, but it also means they need less manpower at the jail because it is set up more efficiently.

"We now have a safe environment where we're able to contain and control offenders," Miller said.

Miller said the Law Enforcement Center passed the jail inspection is ready to start housing inmates.

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