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Shots fired in Eula home burglary

Shots fired in Eula home burglary

EULA, Texas - Two men narrowly escaped being shot after interrupting a burglary in Eula Saturday night.

The men were dropping by one of their homes when they noticed a strange car in the driveway. They tried to block the car but the people in the car fired at the victims' car.

The burglars got away with money and electronics.

There have been three burglaries in the last four weeks on FM 603. Callahan County Sheriff John Windham said his office is investigating the shooting and it is likely connected to the other burglaries.

Marcia Faircloth is the victim of one of the burglaries. She came home Tuesday afternoon to find the deadbolt on her backyard door had been broken.

"It dawned on me right that second that we'd been broken into. I mean, every drawer in the house, everything, was dumped out on the floor. You really do feel very violated," Faircloth said.

She said she missed the burglars by only 30 minutes.

"The thought that I could of walked in on them--but you can't let your head go there," she said.

Faircloth said a friend had passed by just a few minutes before the home was burglarized and saw a man who appeared to be watching the house from his truck parked near the Faircloth's mailbox.

The burglars took sentimental jewelry. The Faircloths do not keep much cash in their home.

"I think the hardest part was the sentimental things that they took," Faircloth said. "My dad had saved some silver dollars for his grand kids and great grand kids and they took those. Even if we could get any kind of silver dollar back, it wouldn't be the ones he saved for them."

She said the burglars even rifled through her grandmother's bible during their search--the bible was separated from its binding.

Faircloth and her husband installed an alarm system and security cameras since the burglary. 

Sheriff Windham said there are several suspects in the burglaries. You can call the sheriff's office at (325) 854-1444 with any tips.

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