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Some Stamford residents concerned about water supply

Stamford residents concerned about water after boil notice lifted

STAMFORD, Texas - The boil water notice in Stamford caused by a busted water pipe was lifted Monday, but some residents have still expressed their concern over their water supply.

Some of those problems brought up include water being discolored and a distinct odor.

"It's very scary to have it coming out like that," said Monique Pryor, a Stamford resident. "You don't really know what's in it."

The city of Stamford says it has received a few complaints scattered throughout the city, but says it is not a citywide problem.

"It could be pipes, it could be piping in their house," said Alan Plumlee, Stamford city manager. "It could be level of use of water. If the water sits in the pipes for a period of time, that could develop in the piping."

According to Plumlee, other possibilities could be rusted pipes in some homes that are up to 70 years old, or that sediment has not yet cleared from pipes after the boil water notice.

"Once we finish repairing that leak, then it takes it a few days for everything to settle back down, even in the pipe itself," Plumlee said.

Plumlee also recommends draining and flushing your water heater or to reach out to the city directly if you experience a problem.

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