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Stamford's Texas Cowboy Reunion showcases family traditions

Traditions celebrated Stamford Cowboy Reunion

STAMFORD, Texas - Cowboys and families united for the Texas Cowboy Reunion in Stamford on Saturday.

"People came here and camped out all week, like when they came here in wagons and stuff but now that's kinda gone away," said Kenny Spitzer.

Spitzer said he started coming to the reunion 50 years ago and though they don't have the wagons anymore, there is still a sense of tradition at the event.

Holly Davis and her family also make their way to Stamford from Austin each year for the rodeo.

"It's kinda family tradition for our family," said Holly Davis. "My father-in-law Mike Davis has been coming out here for more than 50 years and now the girls come out, they ride in the parade, they ride their horses."

The rodeo was one of the main attractions, but what reunion is complete without food?

"We started the chuck wagon competition in the 1990s sometime and it's something that my husband and I do together and when we cook here in Stamford it turns out to be a family affair," said Annette Wilson.

Wilson said her family has traveled around the world with their chuck wagon and competed in more than five states.

"We've traveled to New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Kansas with our chuck wagon and competed and it's just something that we enjoy doing together," Wilson said.

The Texas Cowboy Reunion has been up and running for 84 years and if you would like to view pictures of the event, here's a link to the website.

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