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Time capsule to be placed in new Brownwood fire station

Won't be opened until 2064, fire chief says

BROWNWOOD, Texas - When noticing a void space in the wall, Brownwood Fire Chief Del Albright decided to get some use out of it.

"It came to mind that we can use that void space for a time capsule and give someone a look in today when we're building the (new fire) station," Albright said.

The capsule will include badges, newspaper articles and pictures, but Albright said his favorite thing is all the gear the firefighters wear today.

"That's what we do for a living," Albright said. "That's what we wear to do our job. It'd be interesting for them to see what we wore because there's always been changes over years of materials and designs."

The capsule will be sealed this weekend and will not be seen again until 2064.

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