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Traffic lights begin function in Brownwood with new feature

Construction brings new traffic lights to Brownwood

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Not only did the traffic lights begin functioning today but they introduced a new feature that the Brownwood has yet to see.

At the intersection of Commerce St. and Riverside Dr. you may notice a flashing yellow light. This has taken the place of the solid green light but has the same meaning, left yield turn. 

"It's kind of a preventative thing just to add that little bit of extra safety so we don't see a lot of accidents there in the future," said Public Information Officer Chelsea Humphrey. 

Businesses in the area have mixed feelings about the traffic signal.

"I feel like it'll benefit the Budget Inn because they'll have to stop, they will be able to see the business better," said one of the workers for Budget Inn & Suites Shannon Salazar but she also added "I'm not sure if it would benefit Brownwood because we have a lot of high traffic volume coming through here especially for the semis. I think stopping at three light in a row might not be beneficial."

According to the Texas Department of Transportation more traffic lights with this yellow flashing arrow hope to be added but not till after they preform a traffic study on this intersection.

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