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Two Republican candidates running for court-at-law judge position in Brownwood

Primary race underway in Brown Co. for Court at Law judge job

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Judge Frank Griffin and Sam Moss are campaigning against each other for the Brown County Court-at-Law judge nomination.

Griffin has served as Brown County Court-at-law judge for 11 years, since the court was formed. He said his experience consists of more than 30 years as an attorney, about 10 years as a prosecutor and about 14 years in private practice.

"My number one goal is to do what I can to make sure that Brown County is a safe and good community to live in," said Griffin. 

Griffin said part of that goal involves reducing the number of DWI cases. "One of the most important things we need to do is make sure that people who are charged with driving while intoxicated are dealt with in a matter that keeps them from doing it again."

His opponent, First Assistant District Attorney Sam Moss said there is a need to re-establish a DWI court program which offers counseling to individuals in such situations. "That way we don't have reoccurrence with that problem," said Moss.

Moss said one of his goals is to utilize DWI offenders to develop a work crew. "There are locations around town that are eyesores for our community. We try to beautify Brownwood and make it more appealing to people in the future. What we need to do, if possible, is find ways where we can take the individual and do something positive for their life as well as give back to the community."

Moss suggested making offenders paint houses or mowing yards for the elderly or disabled as a form of community service.

Moss was born and raised in Brownwood. He spent several years in Dallas where he dealt with both misdemeanor and felony cases. He said he has prosecuted about 200 trials and has never lost a felony case.  

Helping the community and family matters are important to both of these candidates.

"You have to be able to listen," said Moss. "And give it the utmost attention, and be enthusiastic and passionate and empathetic about what you're hearing." 

"The hardest part about my job is family law because we're dealing with issues between good people," said Griffin. "You just pray that you make the right decisions and do the best you can. That's what it boils down to."

Outside of work, Griffin said he enjoys camping and mentoring the Boy Scouts while Moss said he enjoys coaching youth soccer, basketball and baseball. 

The primary election date is March 4th. 

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