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Unique lifestyle of Breckenridge man made him a small town celebrity

Who is Bicycle Bill? The unique story behind a Breckenridge "celebrity"

BRECKENRIDGE, Texas - In Breckenridge there is an unexpected celebrity. His name is William Louise Wood, but for the last eight years he's called himself something else, Bicycle Bill.

Bicycle Bill said he quit his job as a furniture maker 18 years ago and never got another job. He never went to college and he doesn't have any close family.

Bill spends a lot of time spreading the word of God, but years ago he didn't feel so welcomed in Breckenridge.

"They would call me ‘bum' and ‘lazy' and some pretty bad names I don't want to mention, and some would even try to I guess in a way try to run me down in a way because they thought I was like a nuisance to the town," said Bill. 

Bill lives rent free in a trailer just outside the city limits of Breckenridge and most of his possessions are made out of other people's junk.

"I was collecting nails off the streets, every bent nail I'd recycle, stored them up in cans and old boards laying by the trash I'd pick them up and store it and bring them back," said Bill.

He said he gets a lot of help from others.

"First it was the fire department stepped in, then the police department, then the city department they wanted to know how I could be helped," Bill said.

And from God.

"God will provide you with everything you need," Bill said.

Bill makes a living selling crafts he creates in what he calls his wood shop.

Rex Dodds who owns Déjà Vu Antiques and Collectables in Breckenridge said there should be more people like Bicycle Bill.

"The world would be a better place if there were," said Dodds.

"I think he's a great guy and I know he loves The Lord more than anybody I know," Dodds added. 

But Bill might not be in Breckenridge much longer. He has a goal. He wants to move to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. 

"Pagosa's like a crusade. I'm gonna make it to Pagosa," said Bill.

"I'm believing now maybe this Christmas that might be the door to go to Pagosa," he added.


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