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UPDATED: Investigators continue to gather clues from skeletal remains found in Scurry County

Scurry County human remains investigation may take weeks

SCURRY COUNTY, Texas - A special FBI forensics team is working today to locate skeletal remains found Saturday in Scurry County.

Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Sparky Dean said the body isn't intact and that the FBI group, which has expertise in recovering remains in criminal cases, is diligently working to recover the bones of the deceased.

"This is being treated as a crime scene, so it is slow going," Dean said.

The remains were found Saturday afternoon near Lake JB Thomas about 12 miles southwest of Snyder.

Dean said the remains weren't in a grave, but instead have been found in a mesquite, thorn, cactus-riddled area where authorities have only had access via foot.

"My understanding is the lake had nothing to do with the discovery of the body," Dean said. "It was away from the lake."

The body was decomposed to the point where authorities couldn't determine the gender or age of the deceased, Dean said.

Dean said he is unaware of the identity of the individual who called law enforcement about 1:10 p.m. Saturday to inform them of the finding.

Although it is unclear whether the body will be sent to Lubbock or Fort Worth for autopsy, Dean said authorities won't send the remains until everything is collected.

"We're not going to send things piecemeal to the medical examiner," Dean said. "We want to do it all at one time."

Meanwhile, an SUV from the 32nd Judicial District Attorney could be seen at the scene Sunday. The 32nd District represents Nolan, Fisher, and Mitchell counties.

Although officials are being tight-lipped, Hailey Dunn – a teen who has been missing since Dec. 27, 2010 – was from Colorado City (Mitchell County).

She was 13 at the time she disappeared.

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