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Winters ISD rolls out the red carpet for local veterans

WINTERS, Texas - Veterans of all military branches and backgrounds gathered in Winters for Veteran's Day on Monday.

The Winters Independent School District invites local veterans out to the district's gym each year to honor them.

Members of the high school band wore different T-shirts to commemorate each military branch and also played each branch's service song.

Students were given miniature American flags to wave during the ceremony.

Vietnam War Veteran Hank Bourdo told KTXS he has attended the ceremony for the past 10 to 15 years. He said he is glad the times are changing and children are being taught from a young age to appreciate military servicemen and women.

"We're getting fewer and fewer—there's going to be more [veterans] coming up—but us old guys, we're dying off," Bourdo said. "It's a good honor to have the kids sing songs and honor us."

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