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Worried residents gather in Roby to address Fisher County, surrounding area burglaries

ROBY, Texas - The Protect Fisher County group organized a meeting Tuesday in Roby to address a rash of home burglaries in the area.

"If you think it can't happen to you, you're wrong," Cliff Dent said. "If you think it won't happen to your wife or your kids, you're wrong again. I'm sure everybody here believes that but we've got to get the rest of this town to believe it & the rest of this country, I'm talking about Nolan county, Fisher County, Mitchell County."

Those present also wondered whether law enforcement and prosecutors are doing everything they can to solve the burglaries.

"Right now, the law enforcement can't get anything done," Dent said. "Why? Is it laziness? Participation in crimes? Or not enough money, not enough people in there? If they don't have enough people in there they can come to us, help prove it, we're the people [who] changes that."

Many of those invited either know victims or are victims themselves. Donna Huckabee decided to start forming the Protect Fisher County group after her younger brother's home was burglarized of about $32,000 in valuables and she feared police were not investigating quickly enough.

"We're not here to cop bash," Huckabee said." We want their help."

A former law enforcement officer and Sierra Security Systems, Inc. vendor reminded everyone to be realistic about investigations and catching criminals.

"We watch a lot of movies, we see a lot of stuff on the television and they make it look so easy to find all these people and do all these things," Randy Wilks said. "It's not that easy."

Those present were also reminded to record video or picture evidence and serial numbers of all the valuables in their homes; beef up security around their homes and stick together as a community.

In an e-mail the group sent to KTXS, Fisher County District Attorney Ann Reed was scrutinized for allegedly dismissing some criminal cases. Reed also serves as the DA for Nolan and Mitchell counties. 

KTXS spoke with Reed Tuesday afternoon. She said she has seen an increase in burglaries, robberies and thefts recently; however, she is only responsible for prosecuting felony cases in her jurisdictions and all misdemeanor cases are handled by county attorneys. Reed said she does not dismiss very many cases in Fisher County and cases are only dismissed when there is not sufficient evidence to prosecute. A grand jury also has to indict cases before prosecutors can move forward.

Fisher County Attorney Rudy Hamric said he believes prosecutors in the county do a good job and the system is not corrupt. 

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