Blanket ISD celebrates graduation after tornado

Tornado doesn't stop Blanket ISD...

BLANKET, Texas - Blanket ISD almost missed a milestone due to Mother Nature.

After a tornado hit Blanket ISD at the beginning of the week, people at Blanket ISD had a reason to celebrate--commencement for eighteen high school seniors.

The ceremony was held Friday evening in the auditorium.

"It was hard to cope with because you're at school and then something tragic happens to it so it wasn't how I wanted to go out," Blanket ISD graduate Ashlea Burt said. Burt also said she wasn't sure there would even be a graduation.

Another graduate Maria Valle said she was sad she couldn't spend more time with her teachers.

The ceremony was filled with speeches and scholarships, followed by a rose tradition where the graduates dispersed among the audience and gave roses to their loved ones. 

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