Brookesmith ISD superintendent says school will be open next year

Brookesmith ISD on good track despite...

BROOKESMITH, Texas - Students at the Brookesmith Independent School District will head into their summer break after Friday knowing they’ll be returning to school at Brookesmith in the fall.

But the notion that they may have to go elsewhere was very real last October.

The previous superintendent told residents at a town hall meeting on Oct. 19 that a $300,000 budget shortfall would force Brookesmith ISD to close in August of 2017.

Seven months later, the school’s economic fortune has taken a 180-degree turn for the better.

“We are going to open next year,” Brookesmith ISD Superintendent Steve Mickelson told KTXS on Tuesday.

The school board of trustees hired him as superintendent last fall and he began his first full semester in January.

“We’ve got to make sure Brookesmith is solid, stable for years to come,” Mickelson said.

For Mickelson, one way to achieve that is to rely less on transfer students. He also said small cuts and support from his staff has made it possible to make up the budget deficit that was projected last year.

“We just don’t travel if we don’t have the money,” Mickelson said.

KTXS received an anonymous letter last Friday claiming the Texas Education Agency is investigating Mullin ISD, where Mickelson spent five years as superintendent before taking the job at Brookesmith. KTXS verified TEA placed Mullin under a conservator last October.

“Well, I can’t speak for Mullin because I’m not the superintendent there anymore,” he said.

Mickelson’s wife is currently the superintendent at Mullin ISD.

He said the anonymous letter was sent to everyone who resides in Brookesmith and to neighboring school superintendents in Brown County.

Mickelson said he plans on moving forward and hopes to hire one to two teachers for the next school year. He’ll know whether that’s possible come September.

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