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Lake Brownwood businesses stay afloat with help from recent rain

Business around Lake Brownwood is rising with the water level and Memorial Day weekend will provide additional support.

boating safety

Safe boating encouraged by Texas Parks and Wildlife

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said there are some key things to keep in mind when boating or enjoying water recreation in the area this Memorial Day weekend.

Trail derailment blocks Brownwood road

Wednesday afternoon a train derailed near the intersection of South Austin Avenue and FM 2376.

Brown County Elections Administrator Suzanne Young, now 50, was arrested during November 2014 on charges of driving while intoxicated. The accident occurred near the Vine Street underpass, a day after Tuesday’s general elections.

Young's Chevy Tahoe was traveling north on Vine Street when she crossed into the southbound lane hitting a portion of the bridge and ending on the sidewalk. According to the police report, officers said Young did not have alcohol on her breath, but she was having trouble speaking and was swaying on her feet.

Brownwood Bulletin: Young ousted as elections administrator

Brown County Elections Administrator Suzy Young is out.

United recall

United Supermarkets holds job fair for new Brownwood location

United Supermarkets is looking for employees at their new Brownwood location. The fair will be held at the Austin Avenue Church of Christ.

Brownwood teen says he saw Jesus during medical crisis

Looking at Zack Clements you would have no idea just one week ago, he had a bizarre medical emergency at football practice.

Lake Brownwood rises six feet in one month

Things are looking up for Lake Brownwood, literally. The lake's capacity is inching closer and closer to full. 

Colten Ridgeway

2 teens jailed after Brownwood clerk ignores shotgun, demand

A shotgun pointed at his head and a demand for money didn’t stop a Brownwood convenience store clerk from continuing to do paperwork.

Brownwood police: Fight at Chili's leads to arrest for assault

A 50-year-old man involved in repairs at Chili's restaurant was arrested Monday for allegedly assaulted one of his employees.

brownwood drug bust

Brownwood and Early law enforcement honored at luncheon

Law enforcement agencies from Early and Brownwood gathered to be honored during a luncheon.