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Brownwood Elementary helps fundraise for 3rd grader's open heart surgery

Josh Diaz looks like a normal 3rd grader on the outside but on the inside Josh was born with something that changed his life forever. 

Brownwood 3rd grader in need of heart surgery

Josh Diaz is a very active 3rd grader in Brownwood and at first glance you wouldn't know that he was born with a heart condition.

Pecan Bayou added to Texas Parks & Wildlife Paddling Trails of Texas

Four miles of the Pecan Bayou will be added to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Paddling Trails of Texas.

Nelson Thomas Early shooting mug

Trial begins for Early man accused of assaulting wife before she shot him

The trial of a 45-year-old Early man accused of assaulting his wife before she shot him is beginning today.

4 miles of canoe, kayak trails touted in Brownwood

Four miles of paddling trails in Pecan Bayou at Fabis Primitive Park have been added to the list of Texas paddling trails for canoes and kayaks.

Steven Michael Pringle

Police: Man arrested for throwing acid in Early business manager's face

Police say a 32-year-old Blanket man – upset over a car purchase – threw acid in the face of a manager at an Early business Saturday morning.

Brownwood students build robot, enter competition

Students at Victory life Academy will be entering a robotics competition with a robot they built themselves.

Victory Life Academy to compete in robotics competition

Victory Life Academy's first year robotics program will be judged in the BEST Robotics program this weekend. 

Friends, family celebrate Brownwood man's 100th birthday

Bill Peirson, a local Brownwood man and WWII vet, turns 100 years old on Sunday but you wouldn't be able to tell. Words that are used to describe Bill include fantastic, terrific and indestructible.  

Brownwood ISD saves millions by refinancing bonds

Brownwood ISD has found a way to save millions of dollars and lower its tax rate again. By refinancing 2005 bonds, BISD has saved $4.6 million.