Brownwood Police Department unveils new vehicle design

POSTED: 7:25 PM Jun 13 2013   UPDATED: 11:20 AM Jun 25 2013
Brownwood News - logo on map

It will be more obvious the next time a Brownwood police officer drives by.

The Brownwood Police Department announced Thursday morning that there is a new look to its units.

"We kind of wanted to go back to a black and white vehicle," Officer Kelly Barclay said. He said he and his colleagues wanted their vehicles to be more recognizable as police cars.

Officer Barclay was one of five people who came up with the design. "I was just sitting on the porch and I was looking at a vehicle thinking about patrol cars. There was a shadow cast on my Toyota and it hit just right to where that stripe was showing and I thought that might be pretty neat."

"The old design served us well," Corporal Stephanie Morgan said.

But it was time to move forward. Corporal Morgan, who was also part of the committee of five, said they looked at many designs from all over the country before deciding on this one.

Officer Barclay said he's gotten positive feedback from the public on the final product, which took about a year to accomplish.

Another committee member, Detective Trey Weathermon, said this will help increase their morale.

Chief of Police Mike Corley said the new designs cost about $350 per unit.