Art demonstrations teach the community to think outside of the box

Brownwood Art Demo

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Artists from across Texas are in Brownwood for the city's 16th annual Stars of Texas Juried Art Exhibit.

"When we first started, we thought, 'Let's do this and see what can happen.' Well, something amazing happened because 16 years later, we're still here and we're still getting amazing talent," said the exhibit's artist/demonstrator coordinator Martha Middleton.

Between now and next week, many of the artists will be at the Depot Center to showcase and demonstrate their skills. 

On Tuesday afternoon, students from Coggin Elementary got to learn from demonstrators about pastels, watercolor paintings and spray paintings. 

"For those who feel like they have no artistic ability...This is something that anybody can do. They can be very creative with this without having to be an artist," said art demonstrator Kathryn Jones.

She gave the students a hands-on demonstration with shaving cream and water colors. She said she wanted the kids to learn that there are different techniques and styles of art. "It's not just about a pencil. It's not just about a paintbrush. Art is so widespread, so versatile, so broad." 

Jones as well as other artists agreed that seeing kids' reactions is their favorite part.

"We have big groups of children come in and they get excited," said Middleton. "The schools right now are on a tight budget, therefore art is really more a luxury, it seems like, so it's nice that we can provide this for them. It's something that they can do. Hopefully, we can ignite that spark in children and they'll go, 'You know, this is what I want to do.'"

The art demonstrations, which are free, will be happening throughout this week and next week, Mondays through Fridays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. See the schedule below for upcoming demonstrations you might be interested in attending.

Wednesday, February 5th-Working with Colored Pencils, Painting with Acrylics, Pottery
Thursday, February 6th-Monsters from Recyclables, Inktense Pencil Drawing, Scratch Board
Friday, February 7th-Acrylic Splatter Drip Paint, Oil Painting, Lessons in Light (Mixed Media)
Monday, February 10th: Photography, Revamp Rewind Jewelry Designs by Donna, Paper Mache
Tuesday, February 11th: Oil Painting, Wood and Paper Art, Metal Clay (Jewelry)
Wednesday, February 12th: Letter Press Printing, Digital Design, Drawing with Charcoal
Thursday, February 13th: Decoupage, Watercolors, Pottery
Friday, February 14th: Texas Wildflowers, Watercolors, Pottery

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