Bangs ISD's new stadium turf benefits more than just athletes

New football turf at Bangs

BANGS, Texas - Bangs ISD's football field got a summer makeover.

From the first week of June until the middle of August, Bangs ISD's Dragon Memorial Stadium underwent construction. The grass field was replaced with new, synthetic turf, which according to the school's superintendent Bill Foster, is the same material used in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Foster said the change was an effort to conserve water.

"We're saving the Lake Brownwood water. We felt like the water was more important for personal use rather than watering for the field," Foster said. He said the school board had planned on installing the turf when stage 3 water restrictions first surfaced.

Another benefit to this new field is that it's cost-effective to maintain. Not only does it save money, but it also saves labor. "It's a fraction of the work as before," Foster said. The new turf only requires an annual anti-bacteria spraying and weekly sweepings for maintenance.

Foster said a softer field can reduce the number of concussions dramatically. He added that the school marching band can also utilize the field. "We felt like we've done something for the kids that will last them for 10 to 15 more years."

This project cost about $758,000, which Foster said the school will pay off in 10 years.

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