Bangs plans to install new water meters

Bangs installing new water meters

BANGS, Texas - With the help of a $330,000 grant from the Texas Water Development Board, Bangs City Manager Leo Smith said he is planning to replace all of the water meters in town with automatic read meters.

"The meters will be more high-tech and have a radio control," Smith said. "So the employees can drive through town and keep track of the water usage through a laptop."

Smith said using computers can help the city employees save time because they won't have to check the meters manually. With the time saved they can provide other services to the community.

He said the city had been planning this project for a little more than a year. The purpose is to ensure a more efficient read of water rates. 

The new meters could also have an impact on residents in Bangs. "You may see a higher water bill because your meter will start reading accurately." 

Smith said the percentage increase would depend on the amount of water used. He said this could help encourage people to be more conservative with water.

Smith said there are a total of 858 water meters in Bangs, all of which he hopes to have changed by the middle or end of January.

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