Blanket school district deals with tornado aftermath

Blanket ISD cleaning up after tornado damage

BLANKET, Texas - A tornado put Blanket ISD on lockdown Monday evening, and put many people to work Tuesday morning to deal with the aftermath.

Several of the buildings lost doors and roofs or had water damage. The cafeteria had leaks in the roof, while the gym lost part of the roof.

School was canceled three days before it was originally scheduled to end, but that didn't keep some students from coming Tuesday to help clean up and rebuild their school. They worked with community members to clean up the debris-filled tennis courts.

"We needed a lot of cleaning and all the support we can get," Blanket ISD sophomore Noe Valle said.

Blanket ISD Principal Damon Wilson said he received calls and Facebook messages from people offering to help. 

"It was so surreal to see your school on TV," Wilson said. He said his biggest concern was the students' safety so it was a huge relief to hear no one was harmed.

The cost and timeline to repair the damage is still being assessed, but Principal Wilson and Superintendent Kevy Allred both said they hope to have everything fixed by the next school year, which starts some time in August. 

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