Brown County candidates get chance to speak out

Brown County candidates get chance to speak out

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Most of the Brown County candidates running in the March 4th primaries election spoke at the Brownwood Country Club on Friday to share their goals and perspectives with the community.

Brownwood Chamber of Commerce held a political forum luncheon.

KTXS News asked each candidate what they thought Brown County needed most.

"I think Brown County needs a bigger water shed, and we could use additional water sources other than what we've got," said David Carroll. Carroll is running for County Commissioner of Precinct 4.

"One of the things we really need is more resources for families who are in disputes to where they can go and mediate their disputes," said Court at Law Judge Frank Griffin.

Aside from resources, some candidates said there was a need for progress.

"What Brown County needs most is progress," said Court at Law Judge candidate Sam Moss. "I think with that, it'll take care of a lot of the other problems we face in the county."    

He said making progress in reducing the crime rate, for example, would attract businesses.

"It would be nice if we had some company that would come in with a base of increasing the employment in our county," said Adron Beck. Beck is running for County Commissioner of Precinct 2.

Progress on infrastructure was also a popular answer among the candidates.

"We'll continue to work to improve our infrastructure. Put some money back into our roads and our buildings," said current County Commissioner of Precinct 2, Joel Kelton.

Current County Judge Ray West said progress is "seeking out the availability of state and federal funding for infrastructure."

"Brown County has not had an outside, independent audit in several years and it's just good business practice to have your financial records looked at from time to time," said Dennis Graham.

"The county needs to be an equal rights employer. Every person that applies for jobs should have an equal opportunity to be hired," said Ronnie Lappe.

Both Graham and Lappe are candidates for County Judge.

Only one candidate, County Commissioner for Precinct 4, Larry Traweek, was unable to attend the forum due to a prior commitment.

Early voting ends on Feb. 28th. Election Day is March 4th.

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