Brown County Farmers Market calls county property new home

Brown County Farmers Market calls county property new home

BROWNWOOD, Texas - There's a new place in town to get local produce.

In Brownwood, the Brownwood Area Farmers Market is under new management, and has a new name, the Brown County Farmers Market.

Monday, the Brown County Commissioners approved a farmers market on the north side of the courthouse.

When questioned if it was appropriate to host a for-profit event on county property, Brown County Commissioner Gary Worley said, "In a resolution that was passed several years ago, the public could use the courthouse property and the area around the courthouse."

Brown County Judge Ray West said allowing the farmers market on county property is a public service.

Richard Ashton has been part of the farmers market for four years. He has a passion for providing fresh, local food.

"Most of them are grown without any insecticides or sprays, so you're going to get produce that hasn't had anything sprayed on it, unlike most of the stuff in the grocery stores," said Ashton.

The new location is not only more convenient, Ashton said it will bring back an old tradition that faded out in the 1960s.

"People brought their produce from the farms in the country around Brown County to the courthouse, and sold it right there on the courthouse square. On Saturday mornings, the courthouse square was a buzz with all kinds of people trying to sell things, eggs, chickens, everything," said Ashton.

The farmers market wants to bring the "festival-like" atmosphere back to the courthouse square.

Also, local crafters are encouraged to join the farmers market to offer more variety and generate community interest.

The farmers market will start in late April and last until August. It will take place on Saturday mornings starting at 9 a.m.

There will be an organizational meeting on March 2 at 10 am. at B3 Jerky store, 2803 Austin Avenue. The membership fee is $35 per year. Anyone interested in participating in the farmers market can attend. Richard Ashton can answer any questions at 325-647-7929.

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