Brown County Health Department helping combat influenza

Brown County prepares residents for flu season

BROWNWOOD, Texas - The Brown County Health Department is giving out free little flu kits in an effort to raise influenza awareness.

Each packet contains hand sanitizer, a tissue pack, lip balm and a mini-flipbook with information on the virus.

"It's important for you to protect yourself, but it's also important because it protects the rest of the public," the department's public health coordinator Cliff Karnes said. "As long as you're trying to prevent yourself from getting it, then you're preventing the flu from spreading." 

Karnes said the best form of prevention is getting a flu vaccine.

"We also encourage washing your hands several times throughout the day; you know, using Kleenex, discarding it after it's used," Karnes said. "Use hand sanitizer when you're not able to wash your hands."

Karnes recommended that anyone who catches the flu should just stay home to rest and follow doctor's orders since there is not an official cure. He said ideally, they should wait at least 24 hours after their fever has gone away before returning to work or school.

Aside from a fever, symptoms generally include cough, sore throat, and aches to name a few. 

The kits-giveaway will continue throughout this week. The Brown County Health Department will be holding a community-wide flu clinic at Brownwood's Depot Center next week on October 8th and October 9th. Karnes said from that point on, flu shots will be available to the public.

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