Brown County landfill looks to expand

Brownwod building new landfill

BROWNWOOD, Texas - The city of Brownwood is planning to create two new cells at the Brown County landfill for about $2 million.

"When I talk about a cell, I'm talking about a huge hole in the ground. The contractors will be excavating the dirt out of those holes in order for us to place the garbage in," Brownwood City Manager Bobby Rountree said. "After these two cells are completed, it'll give us approximately 17 years of capacity, depending on the flow of traffic that comes in on a weekly or monthly basis."

Rountree said there is a need since the current cell will fill up within a year. "This is a big project for us."

According to Rountree, the project costs $2,204,035. It will be funded through a $3.8 million certificate of obligation. He said it is costly because of the size of the equipment and amount of fuel that will be used. However, he said it will be beneficial in the long run.

"All of us will benefit simply because it'll continue to have a revenue stream for all of the city of Brownwood. It will continue to take new companies from around this area to come to Brownwood's landfill instead of having to drive all the to Abilene or to San Angelo."

Rountree said the city will be awarding the bid to a construction company Tuesday morning at the city council meeting.

Rountree said construction is expected to start at the beginning of 2014, and it should be completed in about 10 months, depending on weather.

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