Brownwood agency fights unemployment with free courses to enhance job skills for women

Brownwood organization helps women with career skills

BROWNWOOD, Texas - The unemployment rate in Brown County is sitting at about 5.5 percent, but there is an agency in Brownwood that wants to chip away at that number by giving women extra job skills.

The Heart of Texas Christian Women's Job Corps started a workshop last week where anyone can come and take spanish, math and computer courses to enhance their resumes and their chances of getting a job. 

"Anyone that wants to learn, we ought to encourage them to do it," Annora Ables said. 

Ables is the computer teacher for the one-to-two hour long sessions. She said more people should be learning skills like Microsoft Word and Excel because it will help them find self-sufficient careers. 

"I decided I needed to bump up my resume a little bit, " Jan McLaughlin said, "and get with the times. If I'm going to get a job, I've got to have more tools in my toolbox." 

McLaughlin has been unemployed for two years. She said it is time she stepped out of the box and wanted to learn Excel since many companies require that in their job descriptions.

Having a second language is another skill that the Christian Women's Job Corps believes will come in handy.

Adela Villarreal was asked to teach Spanish after she came to learn math and computers.

"Now companies are asking for more bilingual people to work," Villarreal said.

The last class is on Thursday, but the CWJC will be enrolling for another course in August where they will equip women with all of the knowledge necessary to score a job. For more information, you can contact them by going to this link

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