Brownwood animal shelter euthanizes within reason

Brownwood animal shelter often overcrowded

BROWNWOOD, Texas - The Corinne T. Smith Animal Center denies euthanizing 99.9% of the animals in its facility.

The center's administrative manager, Freda Day, said advocates of no-kill animal shelters started that rumor on Facebook.

"We spend every day and, quite often, nights taking care of these animals. We have put our whole selves into this place to take care of them," Day said.

The Corinne T. Smith Animal Center is not a no-kill shelter.

Day said she and staff members work hard to find homes for the animals that are brought in, but they resort to euthanizing some of the animals when they run out of room. According to Day, the center's euthanization rate is at about 40 percent, which the community can help cut down.

"There are only so many solutions once animals get here. If the people do the things they need to be doing while the animal is still with them, such as getting it spayed and neutered, it wouldn't need to end up in a shelter."

Pets that are spayed, neutered or have been taken to the veterinarian are more likely to be rescued either through adoption or no-kill shelters; whereas animals at the shelter that require veterinarian care are more at risk of being put down because the center is financially limited.

"We always want to take any animals that the people want to bring us, but the best solution is to find good ways to keep them out of the shelter in the first place."

The Corinne T. Smith Animal Center is an open-admission shelter, meaning it takes every animal that is brought in. Day said the daily population at the center is anywhere between 200 to 300 pets.

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