Brownwood community speaks out about police drug crackdown

Brownwood drug issues worry some in the community

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Brownwood residents have noticed methamphetamine make its way around the community for years now and have seen it affect more and more people.

"I've lived in Brownwood all of my life and meth seems to be becoming more of what we consider an epidemic in our community," Brownwood resident Heather Norway said.

Operation Tangled Web arrested its primary target on Monday. The operation took action almost two weeks ago and has resulted in the arrest of 53 defendants with 62 charges but most are no longer in jail.

"It's always sort of sad as an educator because I have former students that I will see with their picture on the wanted page," 4th grade Brownwood teacher Garry Eoff said.

According to Brownwood residents, operations like these helps put more trust in law enforcement. 

"If it helps detour one family member and eventually the child of that family member from going into drugs then it was well worth it," Eoff said. 

According to the Brown County Sheriff's Department, information gained from Operation Tangled Web will be used to hold another roundup in the future

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